The Stork-Eco Nappy is a cloth nappy for the 21st century which is aesthetically pleasing, durable for healthcare and, above all, energy efficient.

Mary O'Connor, a midwife from the Isle of Man has, since 2004, worked tirelessly to promote sustainable development within health care. One of Mary's many achievements was the creation of the Stork-Eco Nappy which took 18 months to develop and was first used in Noble's Hospital in the Isle of Man.

Growing Trend
Prior to the introduction of the nappy maternity service in 2005 a three month audit of all women at antenatal booking indicated only 1% of women on the Isle of Man choose to use cloth nappies at home. At that time no advertising/information was available for cloth nappies on the Isle of Man. A recent 28-day postnatal audit provided us with the following results:

  • 99.9% of women find the Stork-eco easy to use as an in-patient.
  • The Stork-eco nappy is pivotal in their conversion to cloth.
  • 3% of women are now using only cloth nappies at home.
  • 19% of women are now using a mixture of cloth and disposable nappies; home laundered cloth nappies 65% of the time, disposables at night and on holiday.